Three water glasses

Geometry, Hockney, Reflections, water, Water Glasses

Who would have know how difficult mapping reflections could be. Okay – everyone. This was a fun project, if only to practice what I see and how best to portray the line and shape. David Hockney would be a perfect resource and will take a look at some of his California works.

Once one focuses eyes on the patterns, they become more real and geometric. The challenge is in the execution and am not sure I have those skill-sets yet.

On another note, I am having terrible problems photographing my illustrations. My iPhone seems to be colorizing and turning the paper into a sepia tint. If I place the image into photoshop, each filter I try, is met with resistance.

An outdoor shot with natural light would be ideal, but it’s raining.

Pencil and wash

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Tried something different today and last weekend. Instead of painting, then adding more contouring, I did it all before the color.

What happened surprised me.

The painting and sketch took on an extra depth that I wasn’t expecting. Content, I will definitely find an avenue to push this further.

Mono café

Cafe Sketches, cafe workers, Chairs, Coffee, Coffee Bar, Coffee Shop, Coffee Shop Sketching


Today I shared lunch,

a circle of coffee…

both share le noir,

poison secrets,

a tool for conversation,

she is hot additive,

savage colosseum,

the scent; spirit fume.

both are simmered, and full-bodied.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015