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henchmanI used to ride a Ducati Monster, and now miss it dearly. Among all the bikes I owned, it was my favorite. It made kickass sounds in shades of black in muted chrome. Plus, it was my only transportation year-round.

If it snowed, I found a groove in the road and off I slid. The most frightening experience was riding in hail, but can’t tell you why. It was a been there, done that sort of thing.

The image is how I looked in my mind’s eye. Yeah, the baddass artist from hell. The one who scared himself too many times.

One pill

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1 pill

I kept hearing Grace Slick in the furthest reaches of my background memories. It was a nice sensation and wished the cafe had a sentiment, a timeline for everyone.

What to do this winter, what to investigate; I accept a linear challenge. If sleep never arrives, I will have enjoyed too many cups and full-loaded Micron.

Snowball hands or will climate change give me a tan?

Pale man

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paleman copy

Pale man drinks his coffee and wanders… through his day. He stuffs the bad while planning retaliation; cold desserts with sour creams.

He is just a human; gender man, with sensual curves down a hand.

Pale drained of blood, tastes chocolates in a cafe. He purrs louder than comfort.


Looking glass

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IMG_1606 copy copy

Early this morning, I was inspired by Malin Ellisdotter’s post, “Autumn Lips” ( It touched my elegant sensibility, aesthetic and surrealist memory.

All day long, I thought of this image and decided to re-interpret for myself. Fortunately for her image’s integrity, I veered left and got out of her woods. None the less, the creativity that landed early, enabled a looseness and convenience for my presentation.

Thank you Malin for your image and inspiration. One admission though. Her black and white image became a looking glass impression to my black.


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IMG_1584 copy

Let’s imagine a student in class today who said, “I am going to stab you in your head and then shit and pee on your grave”, and me saying “OK”.

What else could I say?

The kid was angry and lost it for about 2 hours. It’s difficult not to fall into the trap, feel threatened and angry with a 10-year-old. However, I don’t, never will and kept my senses clear.

This painting is what I felt, what I knew could have happened. Another time. Another place.


A happy warmth along my lips

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warmth copy

Tick tock, tick tock… I get up at 05:00 each morning with a passion for coffee. Even my cup is precious, and wear this routine year-round.

I could say that my cup and drink are a happy warmth along my lips. I’ll leave it a that.

Gave myself a quickie

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Uh huh.

Thank you Rebecca ( for inspiring me to try something just with line and form. After looking at your site today, I definitely grew hungry to do a selfie with a more accurate interpretation of self. Of course accurate and interpretation may not balance to all, but to me they are inclusive and as real as it gets.

Anyway, no color necessary and a welcome adventure into the black, using my handmade paper. Yes, it was a quickie for me.

A couple of hours ain’t nothing.


Dancing in the alley

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Early in the morning, flowers dance in the alleys and know the sun is coming. It is toward their end this year. They know it, I know it and my dog knows its.

As usual, we are walking with somewhat different priorities. However, Ozzy (Australian Cattle Dog) knows that I like to sketch as much as he well… whatever he does and thinks. One thing is certain, the scents are attractive to both of us.

This is my second painting in my birthday book of handmade paper. It certainly slows me down, but it yields great fortunes and merry discovery. Each shadow I see reveals its own dimension. Do you see the pages and how they reveal themselves at the bottom?

Sky writing

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Often when I paint, I am reminded or hear music that felt good at one time or another. Today was no different and felt the hands and motion of Julee Cruise ( She is ethereal personified when her voice lilts down and over.

This triptych becomes inconsequential compared to Julee’s sky writing voice.