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With oak-leaf patterns and browns mixed from Fall, my fence recedes until next year. It will soak the rain and shield from the alley.

Within my yard, Spring will find its way back again.

I miss paris

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paris copy

A single flower illuminates a confit du canard, with a wine glass appropriately sized. Smells and touch; many textures. I miss speaking a language whose melody is sung in alley cafes.

Parts are home in memory. Parts are waiting for new eyes and newer touch.

Hosta blossoms

Alley, drawing, Hosta, line art, Prismacolor Painting, Sketch, Watercolor


93 humid degrees, but brave enough to walk Ozzy and let him do what dogs like to do. While waiting, I snatched some blossoms from behind someone’s fence.

They quickly became fodder for Ozzy and had to enact Plan B. In front of my house are several Hostas. They are blooming and actually very nice. Although more gentle than my portrayal, I marched on with a Prismacolor as a wet brush.

With the paper still wet, I outlined several areas with the Prismacolor. I like the results and see potential for future drawings. I am not sure why I chose to hold the pencil like a brush, but it felt natural and free.

Pods of a red bud

Pods, Red Bud, Red Bud Tree

Red Bud Pods

My Red Bud has bloomed and now has cool, elongated pods. They are in bunches, very symmetrical and make for a lovely drawing.

Even though I don’t spend much time among the grasses, leaves and insects, I really do admire the beauty in my backyard.

I decided to do a quick sketch in harmony with a few others as of late. Line art, lines and ink, make for exceptional texture and visual pin pricks.

When this American Woman  – She replied years later

You draped the wood,
with scriptured visions
of thundering praise,
coveting the tablets,
that broke my ritual;
in thousands of pieces,
my eyes looked up,
and found their way;
toes in front of smiles,
I traced your sketch
with silken breaths,
and found my way.

Barry Comer 2010 – Illustration 2015

Whispered kisses and memories

Backyard Bushes, Burning Bush, Dogwood, drawing, dreams, Expressionism, Flowers, Friendship, Illustration, Spring Plants

flowering bush

Misty river flows along an ankle and feels of falling,

of blue jays swirling and whispered kisses and memories,

hushed quiet.

Flight my feathers of floating trails, among the leaves who fall.

Give me wind and vivid dreams tonight.

Infuse my memories.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Flight of the Pink

line art, nature, Pen and Ink, Prismacolor, Sketchbook

flight of the pink

Make little dimples in the air,
the ones you drew in water, the currents –
the sounding of the horns; the hunt.

The leaves flow down, they pause for breath –
and the source of beat, the sound of heat,
the blemished skin.

Take care en route, spattered signs – windblown,
yielding – cold, cold, cold.

Twirl up and receive submission, the guide, the
snort and diem.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

We plant and we plant

Leon Trotsky, Oakleaf hydrangea, pencil drawing, Religion, Spring Buds

budsMy eyes are clenched.

Throat-scorched with car pipe fumes

and with rusted sounds

from last week.

The trip was wrong and

the news worse.

We plant and we plant.

I hear muted sounds of

cries and wish I could open

my heart and pour its life

– a drink of god.

Lend my body, make it

fertilizer and give my

eyes to see ahead.

Touch warm. Feel cold.

The ground is cold and

smiles fade brown.

Sleep and dream of blue birds

and cloud-shaped


We plant and we plant.

2012 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015