Pods of a red bud

Pods, Red Bud, Red Bud Tree

Red Bud Pods

My Red Bud has bloomed and now has cool, elongated pods. They are in bunches, very symmetrical and make for a lovely drawing.

Even though I don’t spend much time among the grasses, leaves and insects, I really do admire the beauty in my backyard.

I decided to do a quick sketch in harmony with a few others as of late. Line art, lines and ink, make for exceptional texture and visual pin pricks.

When this American Woman  – She replied years later

You draped the wood,
with scriptured visions
of thundering praise,
coveting the tablets,
that broke my ritual;
in thousands of pieces,
my eyes looked up,
and found their way;
toes in front of smiles,
I traced your sketch
with silken breaths,
and found my way.

Barry Comer 2010 – Illustration 2015

Red bud pods

Red Bud Tree, Sculpture, Spring, Spring blooms

These are from last year, still in the tree and dried. Very dried. However, in the late afternoon sky, they take on a sculptured presence.

The red bud is a favorite of mine and native to Kentucky. Its bloom is short-lived, but worth waiting for.

After, it isn’t really much to look at especially when the bagworms have their way.