Looking glass

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Early this morning, I was inspired by Malin Ellisdotter’s post, “Autumn Lips” (https://malinhphotography.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/autumn-lips/?c=12050#comment-12050). It touched my elegant sensibility, aesthetic and surrealist memory.

All day long, I thought of this image and decided to re-interpret for myself. Fortunately for her image’s integrity, I veered left and got out of her woods. None the less, the creativity that landed early, enabled a looseness and convenience for my presentation.

Thank you Malin for your image and inspiration. One admission though. Her black and white image became a looking glass impression to my black.

Thank you Ashley

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This is a portrait of Ashley Lily Scarlett, a photographer/artist who creates in Australia. Her generosity to other artists is limitless, publishing beautiful self-portraits, photographs, poetry and verse. In fact, her talents seem to have no boundaries and are a devotional whose efforts to curate, are frankly amazing.

Thank you madame, for allowing me to illustrate you. I am pleased and hope you have been served well.

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