Monsters in a box

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Today, I looked at monsters in a box. Inside, there were two fishing reels. Both unused for many years, but one in particular, for three generations. They posed an idea and threat for a sleepy Friday. Draw them, be accurate and try to be sane.

The illustration required a great deal of patience, hand control and being fluid. Because the shapes overlapped, finding clarity in both, was a huge issue. Hoping, I shaded and painted, trying to distinguish both.

Let’s see. I may go back and work more. Maybe not.

My left-handed chairs

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I am a rightie, but draw sometimes like a leftie. It seems like I am trapped inside the looking-glass. That’s the beauty of a perception within one’s creative mind.

What out is in and in is left.

Kicking back

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kicking back

First day of winter break and I’m relaxed. It’s raining with a steady beat and my sketching is humming along.

During the week, I bought a drawing table for the first time. The kitchen has been “creative central”, but there are too many distractions and accidents in wait.

What a perfect day to try new colors from my friend Kathy, and see what they can do.