Monsters in a box

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Today, I looked at monsters in a box. Inside, there were two fishing reels. Both unused for many years, but one in particular, for three generations. They posed an idea and threat for a sleepy Friday. Draw them, be accurate and try to be sane.

The illustration required a great deal of patience, hand control and being fluid. Because the shapes overlapped, finding clarity in both, was a huge issue. Hoping, I shaded and painted, trying to distinguish both.

Let’s see. I may go back and work more. Maybe not.

Monster at the top

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Surveying where I sit and feeling safe is criteria number 1 where I eat. If they come, I have my escape route planned. Execution is a quick leap and out.

Staircases offer none of the above. Either direction, the geometry is not your best friend. Either way, “you’re going down”. Damn venues made from old houses.

Parachutes can’t pop open in tiny spaces.