Whispered kisses and memories

Backyard Bushes, Burning Bush, Dogwood, drawing, dreams, Expressionism, Flowers, Friendship, Illustration, Spring Plants

flowering bush

Misty river flows along an ankle and feels of falling,

of blue jays swirling and whispered kisses and memories,

hushed quiet.

Flight my feathers of floating trails, among the leaves who fall.

Give me wind and vivid dreams tonight.

Infuse my memories.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Spank fun ape

ape, banana, hand, monkey, Poetry, Urban Sketch, Watercolor

Monkey talk intoxicating. Monkey love is sham.

Monkey sing this song…

My me buzz you with me walk watch – just little fun.

Me do me; you do dance!

You do Tarzan, little spank fun ape?

You girl speak? You steam jungle?

Banana talk – ooh ooh la!

Sexy give, silly boys hot.

Tarzan talk.

monkey talk