Chair cropper

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Now that Fall has hit, I can sit outside without sweating, being stung and sunburn.

Yesterday, I sat and watched the comings and goings, couples drinking coffee and a little dog who snapped at the patrons.

Finally, a day for celebration. It was my pre-birthday and celebrated with my best friend with lunch and a cocktail.


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Metamorphosis occurs with insects, but rarely in human beings, unless I am watching a horror film or drawing. When doing an illustration, I am liberated to take a self-portrait and push up or down.

Metamorphosis. “Tommy can you hear me?“.

Most routines are safe in my hands, while genomic disarrangements bring out the artist.

Bag man

Bag Man, Bagman, Courier Bag, Leather Straps, utilitarian

This morning, I am the bag man, even though no monies have been exchanged. I decided to do some leather one more time, before moving on to something else.

It is impossibly hot outside and am trying to find anything in the house worthy of a look. In this case, I chose my messenger bag. It carries my artwork, art tools and anything useful for the day. It’s sort of like a purse, but larger and more utilitarian.

It was a gift from my friend Kathy, and have found it worthy of a carry everyday.


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This is Ozzy and has been with me since he was 7-weeks old. As a Blue Heeler, his job is never done and has more energy than the sun. In fact, I am not certain if he actually sleeps, but my wife has observed him with eyes closed.

There is an intelligence with his breed that most dogs never reach, which makes training him a task. In fact, I can’t. The vet says, “all really intelligent dogs are difficult”.

Oh yeah. He’s difficult. He reminds me of me.

Shiver Cafe

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Despite the warm colors, the cafe was cold. Bracing for a Summer’s day, the owner had the AC turned down early in the morning. Good for me as I hate Summer.

Bad for the coffee.


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I love listening to Blondie and drawing… the band gives me energy and takes me back. If I go too far, all I see are colors and waves of sounds. Sketched with pen, refined in pen, washed her and then poked some Prismacolor in her eyes.


Pots and pans

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pots and pans

Challenged by a friend to draw the inside of a cabinet, I reluctantly opened several for “that cool perspective”. However, none really made me happy, until I started cooking dinner.


Inside the cupboard was a masterpiece, several hanging precariously unbalanced. This was the last place I wanted to look and the first, worthy of sketching.

I used to have neighbors who banged their pots and pots on New Year’s Eve. Mmmmm, I think I’ll draw.


Pleasure center

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This is my Zojirushi coffee maker. It is slow and it makes my morning cup very much like a pour over. The big difference is that it warms the water.

I don’t.

There is something about the perfect cup of coffee any time of the day. It is the embodiment of good memories, a comfortable mind and all that is well.

My dear friend

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Ozzy copy

Ozzy is my dear friend. He came along when I needed companionship and distraction, when my job was eliminated in 2009.

He is a pain in the ass.