Bag man

Bag Man, Bagman, Courier Bag, Leather Straps, utilitarian

This morning, I am the bag man, even though no monies have been exchanged. I decided to do some leather one more time, before moving on to something else.

It is impossibly hot outside and am trying to find anything in the house worthy of a look. In this case, I chose my messenger bag. It carries my artwork, art tools and anything useful for the day. It’s sort of like a purse, but larger and more utilitarian.

It was a gift from my friend Kathy, and have found it worthy of a carry everyday.

Your deep as fathoms (mary janes)

1960s, Bondage, Brown Leather Shoe, Illustration, Women's Shoes

mary jane

Oh – I am listening to a memory and long shadow cast-wide nets.

I hear my collective history, my rhythmed slide-shoe beat and

Back to me, appear – and be tangible, be where I left you,
be light for tonight’s quiet and slip me, rub me;
the guided touch of your fingertips. Oh –

I can touch your trail, your deep, fathoms in shimmered,
thousand miles of current. Oh –

I hear and smell your scent. I feel your hunger for survival.
I see you coming home. Oh.