Julius Meinl moved my hands

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Coffee always moves my hands in predictable ways. Even though I may look quite shaky, I flatten out for the line.

Go figure.

I love Julius Meinl coffee. It is probably the best “commercial” coffee that feels micro-roasted.

Pleasure center

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This is my Zojirushi coffee maker. It is slow and it makes my morning cup very much like a pour over. The big difference is that it warms the water.

I don’t.

There is something about the perfect cup of coffee any time of the day. It is the embodiment of good memories, a comfortable mind and all that is well.

Saturday with friends

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cafe coffee

I’m relaxed and content. It’s Saturday night and have had a perfect day with my friend Kathy. She took me out to lunch and then for a visit at her place with her husband and daughter. In between, I began this painting at Caffe Classico, where I start every Saturday. Their coffee (https://shop.meinl.com/default/about/) is a triumph and trumpets down my throat and warms the stomach.

Also pleased, that this painting is delicate and actually “pretty”. I have a tendency to overwork my line, but think I held back enough to let the drawing speak for itself.