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This is a very casual acquaintance from a cafe I frequent. She loves it and feel, that my work has been done for the day.

Chairs for ashley scarlett

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Ashley Scarlett ( posted a beautiful image of a sofa and office chair the other day. It had all the ingredients and essence of office cool and scent. I could even detect someone’s cigarettes in the fabric.

I don’t prefer sitting in offices, nor typical office furniture. However, I am always amused that designers took the time to create such schlock.

Thank you Ashley for inspiring me to go out and illustrate some “kafé Kool”. Not so much for the hipster next to me. He was quite full of himself, plus his black rimmed glasses were obnoxious. I don’t like hipsters.


A moment this morning

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I decided to do a selfie while getting warmed up for the day. Needing to produce before school begins, I’m going to be on a tear, sketching people including myself, my dog and just cool stuff that catches my eye.

If anyone has a suggestion, I’m in.


Seated triangle

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Seated Triangle

A triangle is a 3-sided polygon sometimes (but not very commonly) called the trigon. Every triangle has three sides and three angles, some of which may be the same. The sides of a triangle are given special names in the case of a right triangle, with the side opposite the right angle being termed the hypotenuse and the other two sides being known as the legs. All triangles are convex and bicentric. That portion of the plane enclosed by the triangle is called the triangle interior, while the remainder is the exterior.

A little java and a lot of coffee

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I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend Kathy; sketching and being quiet. Nothing could have been more perfect. You see, friends don’t necessarily have to speak to enjoy a common experience.

Sometimes, a real friend sits, listens and nods. That’s all it takes.

We met at Java, a local coffee shop near my house. Even the real name is something newer, I hold fast to the old and refuse to give it up. It is a neighborhood coffee shop that rarely entertains hipsters. That’s a good thing in itself. What is does promote is excellent organic coffees and superior music. Leonard Cohen was playing when I looked up, then The Zombies. I was on fire.

A perfect day to start conversation without words.

Girl unknown

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woman unknown

Way down where the hands meet mine –
my gloves, the tights and my round-steamed hints.

I am boogie, the dance up top, the willow that bends
and the freak out lyric – rattle cups, brittle nails.

My oh, my!

Gotta go up top and visit them girls. Gotta press the flesh
and see where it mends and taste with my lips.

My oh, my!

Put that light out, stomp the fire – give me hot wind
puffs – fast on a track, quick to go, pull the chains down,
tear them hair.

My oh, my!

I am boogie, I dance real tight – I rattle them cups with
brittle breath, puffs of song and yanked neck horns.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Badass GMC ’50

1950 GMC Pickup Truck, 1950s, Illustration, line art, Urban Sketching


Along my normal dog walking alley, I came across this gem. It was parked overnight by someone visiting friends for the Kentucky Derby.

It has seen better days, but you can bet he is going to restore it to its original badass self.


Whoa! It’s a leather jacket on a red chair

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How charming. Leather and my office chair, cozied up for the evening. Leather does have that special effect. But enough of chairs and back to whatever moves me for the day.

Thank you ( Ashley for the nudge.