One pill

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1 pill

I kept hearing Grace Slick in the furthest reaches of my background memories. It was a nice sensation and wished the cafe had a sentiment, a timeline for everyone.

What to do this winter, what to investigate; I accept a linear challenge. If sleep never arrives, I will have enjoyed too many cups and full-loaded Micron.

Snowball hands or will climate change give me a tan?

Looking glass

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IMG_1606 copy copy

Early this morning, I was inspired by Malin Ellisdotter’s post, “Autumn Lips” ( It touched my elegant sensibility, aesthetic and surrealist memory.

All day long, I thought of this image and decided to re-interpret for myself. Fortunately for her image’s integrity, I veered left and got out of her woods. None the less, the creativity that landed early, enabled a looseness and convenience for my presentation.

Thank you Malin for your image and inspiration. One admission though. Her black and white image became a looking glass impression to my black.

Line and groove

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Etch boy

Love to do fancy line work, sculpture and groove. This is what I’m about. Rendering a “perfect” image, aka. “that looks so real” is faking it for me.

Give me the rhythm of drumbeat frenzy. It’s in my mind and lightning to my hand. This is as real as it gets.

Hand signals

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After illustrating Handstand the other night, I wanted to find more of the motion in my hands. I wanted to see more, see the curves. Since I am right-handed, my left did all the work. Hands are an amazing piece of architecture and loved the impressions and sculptured motion I saw. No wonder they figure prominently in my imagination when I think of friends and former loves.

Everyone leaves a hand print for our dreams.

Mind your business, it’s all go go

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l'orange copy

Amazon heats her burning waste,

she’s tickling time with paint squint eyes.

With a sinkhole grip of uncertain hold;

she just babble talk babble, babble just blah,

blah and blab.

She dropped the room flat cold –

down so down.

Stole the show, priced the surprise;

little to show and much too nosey,

mind your business, it’s all go go.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

12-step illustrators program

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It was suggested to me that I am “overworking” my illustrations. Very agreeable, I have resolved to minimize my line and focus on the basics – less color, more suggestion.

Sometimes, in an effort to create, my brain says more is better. Maybe I need a 12-step illustration program.

Thank you Ashley.