Julius Meinl moved my hands

Cafe Sketch, julius meinl coffee, Transitions

Coffee always moves my hands in predictable ways. Even though I may look quite shaky, I flatten out for the line.

Go figure.

I love Julius Meinl coffee. It is probably the best “commercial” coffee that feels micro-roasted.

Hosta (giboshi)

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I have a backyard full of hostas. They are in full sun and shade, marked by the variegated and non-variegated versions. I like them for their ease and how they fill an area with green. Plus, they are a living sculpture to watch, as they move in the wind.


Organic, Peace, Sculpture, Sculptured Sketch, Stone

When I used to carve stone, the little cracks and grooves suggested where to go. One line organized the next and another flowed from the other. I found harmony in the yield of the rock while satisfying myself. Somehow, we found a relationship and lived in peace.

Can it be done with line? I come close to allowing my hands to orchestrate the shape, yet I can’t hold or smell the outcome.

I miss the rugged artwork I used to create.

Fresh from the vine

artist, Backyard Bushes, backyard sketch, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, oak-leaf, Oakleaf hydrangea

Broken leaves and tarnished blossoms. The storms took their toll all afternoon.

My favorite backyard plant always suffers. The leaves are large and the blossoms fragile.


Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, oak-leaf, Oakleaf hydrangea, Pen and Ink Illustration, Pencil and Pen Drawing, pencil drawing, Perspective Drawing, Poetry


With oak-leaf patterns and browns mixed from Fall, my fence recedes until next year. It will soak the rain and shield from the alley.

Within my yard, Spring will find its way back again.


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Sitting in front of me, I heard the whisper, the call. Draw us.


Being alive

Alive, Art, artist, Badass Artist, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, Berries, Life, Thanksgiving Table, Turkey Soup


Last night’s dinner was a gorgeous, creamy soup filled with turkey, wild rice and earthy mushrooms. My friend Kathy’s house smelled like a sachet of holiday.

While she stirred and her husband exercised, I illustrated. None of us know what kind of berries and leaves that sat on their bar. They came from the alley behind the house and were used for decoration for the Thanksgiving table.

Illustrating organics are my favorite type illustration right now. They remind me of self-portraits, body gestures; everything alive. As the season grows colder, being alive is assuring.