12-step illustrators program

12-step, Addiction, Feet, hand


It was suggested to me that I am “overworking” my illustrations. Very agreeable, I have resolved to minimize my line and focus on the basics – less color, more suggestion.

Sometimes, in an effort to create, my brain says more is better. Maybe I need a 12-step illustration program.

Thank you Ashley.

Black toenail on yellow wall

black, Feet, line art, Self Portrait, selfie, Selfies, toenail

Body parts seem interesting to sketch, especially appendages. What better than to use myself as a model, draw the line and embellish the form.

black toenail

Pay no attention to the Blue Heeler next to my naked foot

Australia, Blue Heeler, Feet, Nudity

Don’t be distracted by the foot. The Blue Heeler is still, he is sleeping and dreaming. What a relief for the evening.

If you know Blue Heelers, you know the definition of action. He never rests; never. As a matter of fact, not even my naked foot distracts him. He is one of a kind.

chair and Ozzy a