Never mind the bollocks, here’s the antibiotics

Allen Ginsberg, Antibiotics, drawing, dreams, Music, Tooth Extraction, Wisdom Tooth

hands and pills

Lightning strikes me baby;

oh man, it does.

All tapered strings and

such light moves.

Downward licking –

the voltage makes

me high.

Give me shake and

push me raw –

I want to

hurt down low –

so down.

Your shrill voice

in one dimension –

does nothing.

In realtime, like rocks to brains.

You touch my toes;

give more than all could after.

I predict.

Your men admire your tumble,

the reach of

tongue and your

tap of shoes.

Look at you, see with eyes so closed.

You wow the crowd.

Heaven from lungs

just two,

silenced me,

didn’t it?

Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz and

feedback thrills.

Chill me while my teeth lay – clenched.

You never fail to raise my bumps.

Don’t go, please, stay.

Go now.

2012 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Twinkles of stars

Depression, dreams, emotional/behavioral room, Expressionism, Illustration, Isolation, nature, pefection, Pen and Ink, pencil drawing, Self Portrait, selfie, Teaching

crap day

We turn around and find pinholes,

water streams of light,

from stars

who swallowed

and took our lives.

With sounds of snorts

and whiskered,

bully throats.

Whose heart

am I searching,

in this season of

hello goodbyes?

We look

upon them long

into night,

such twinkles,

of stars

that stole our loves –

their sweet

tender smiles.

Give back our dreamers.

Lend to us more – for years

into years.

(written in 2012) (sketched today)