Chair cropper

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Now that Fall has hit, I can sit outside without sweating, being stung and sunburn.

Yesterday, I sat and watched the comings and goings, couples drinking coffee and a little dog who snapped at the patrons.

Finally, a day for celebration. It was my pre-birthday and celebrated with my best friend with lunch and a cocktail.

Frankfort Avenue color compromise

Badass Artist, Barry Comer Artist, compromise, Learning

This is the painted version of what “was” a successful black and white. Again, I am happy that I took a photo before, and now after.

I am disappointed for a number of reasons. The sharp lines have disappeared and the puzzle-like quality of wires, poles and buildings have flattened out.

On my satisfaction scale, I give it a 4.25. The success of the image may not be up to my standards but rather, what I learned. Clearly, learning is always a 10.

Riding a severe thunderstorm watch

Hail, Severe threat, Severe thunderstorm watch, Weather, Wind gusts

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is now in effect for counties along and north of I-64 until 11 PM Friday.

A cluster of strong and severe thunderstorms will track southward through northern Kentucky and the Bluegrass this evening. Damaging wind gusts will be the primary threat. The severe threat will diminish as the storms track into southern Kentucky later tonight.

We are all Riders on the Storm.


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This is Ozzy and has been with me since he was 7-weeks old. As a Blue Heeler, his job is never done and has more energy than the sun. In fact, I am not certain if he actually sleeps, but my wife has observed him with eyes closed.

There is an intelligence with his breed that most dogs never reach, which makes training him a task. In fact, I can’t. The vet says, “all really intelligent dogs are difficult”.

Oh yeah. He’s difficult. He reminds me of me.


Organic, Peace, Sculpture, Sculptured Sketch, Stone

When I used to carve stone, the little cracks and grooves suggested where to go. One line organized the next and another flowed from the other. I found harmony in the yield of the rock while satisfying myself. Somehow, we found a relationship and lived in peace.

Can it be done with line? I come close to allowing my hands to orchestrate the shape, yet I can’t hold or smell the outcome.

I miss the rugged artwork I used to create.

Fresh from the vine

artist, Backyard Bushes, backyard sketch, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, oak-leaf, Oakleaf hydrangea

Broken leaves and tarnished blossoms. The storms took their toll all afternoon.

My favorite backyard plant always suffers. The leaves are large and the blossoms fragile.