Please and thank you

Art Director, Bitter Coffee, Please and Thank You Cafe, Swizzle Stick, Tattoos

This is a cafe on Frankfort Avenue (the same as the telephone poles). Recently opened, I decided to step in and gauge the atmosphere. I am not sure if it was my glasses, but everyone looked to be wearing jeans that resembled swizzle sticks.

I sat and illustrated the scene for an hour or so, until I had to give it up. The coffee was bitter and the midday business transactions felt vaguely familiar and uncomfortable.

Having made the decision not to step back into the business world means: no business talk, taking orders, discussing deals, etc. As a former art director, I now look at color and shape for myself.

Examination of a Starbucks mug (listening to Sea of Joy)

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Even though I rarely drink Starbucks coffee, a mug I bought several years ago (Chicago mug), is my favorite. It is heavy and large. It is my “go to” each and every morning. Help the soul who breaks this mug. If I can’t have coffee in this mug, it is a lesser experience at 5:15 each am.

It’s that important.

While drawing, I was listening to Blind Faith’s “Sea of Joy” ( No better music for a hot cup of coffee and a life worth living.

Look deeply…

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Steam Crave

…into my coffee, the hundred-morning count, bottom-swirled beauty.

Deep breathing exercises for 20 inhalations.

Count down. Fire. I crave your steam, all black and hot.

Whirling dervishes of the black eyed domain

almond croissant, black eyed susan, breakfast, coffee cup


I didn’t know how to title a simple illustration from breakfast this morning. Ingredients: black eyed susans, water bottle, coffee cup, almond croissant and a good deal of paint by pen.

The pen became brush and allowed it to gently dangle from my hand. It swirled and jotted, but mostly it expressed the energy of my morning before class, and a very loose lesson plan.