Radioactive tap dance

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With a maniac in the White House hell-bent on nuclear destruction, there is no better time to plan my move. Shall it be a step from the 80s or a Chuck Berry duck walk? Either way, adequate footwear is a must for hot cinders, radioactive tap dancing or a cha cha cha.

Get me out of here! This is nuts.

Acrobatic chairs

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Cafe Chairs

Tables and chairs belonging to my favorite café, are ready for the day. They are lined up and ready for neighbors, visitors and acrobats.

My heart feels danced

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heart of glass

My heart feels “danced” when hands go zoom. Why not? I’m the artist and I do as I feel. At least with my artwork.

How about some fun with shapes and vessels.

Put in a little wine and Grand Marnier, and one has pours of spirit.