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drink A

2 ounces bourbon

1 ounce sweet Italian vermouth

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Cocktail glass / or hipster vessel

Food optional


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nature boy


Twinkles of stars

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crap day

We turn around and find pinholes,

water streams of light,

from stars

who swallowed

and took our lives.

With sounds of snorts

and whiskered,

bully throats.

Whose heart

am I searching,

in this season of

hello goodbyes?

We look

upon them long

into night,

such twinkles,

of stars

that stole our loves –

their sweet

tender smiles.

Give back our dreamers.

Lend to us more – for years

into years.

(written in 2012) (sketched today)



Patient ceiling watches all

Bourbon, Kentucky Bluegrass, Kentucky Bourbon, pencil drawing, sentinal, Urban Sketching, Woodford Reserve Distillery, Workspace

Over barrels of bourbon is a sturdy ceiling; angular, sculptured and watchful. Patient, it watches over all who trespass the spirits –  (

Some barrels are old, some new – whiskey born of limestone filtered waters and nurtured in charred, white oak.

The ceiling watches and guards with attention to every detail.ceiling

Buy the bourbon, forget the garnishes

Kentucky Bluegrass, Kentucky Bourbon, Woodford Reserve Distillery

Today was finally warm enough to venture out, feel the sun and sketch. The plan worked to perfection.

Woodford Reserve Distillery ( gives damn nice tours. The smell of fermenting mash, history of the distillery and of course, a bourbon flight with 2 of their tasty beverages.

If in Kentucky, I recommend visiting any of the distilleries. Four Roses ( is tops and of course, Maker’s Mark is a crowd favorite. (

Beware of the gift shops. Cherries are $18 dollars for a small jar. Buy the bourbon, forget the garnishes.

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