Gut punched coffee

black coffee, Desert Mojo, Gut punched coffee, julius meinl coffee, line art

I am drawing circles hoping to find my rhythm; the mojo queen in my creative desert. It’s no fun to feel abandoned and thirsty.

Drinking gut punched coffee and getting dirty, does the trick. The feeling that your guts are quenched in browns and steam.

Complexity of a cafe

black coffee, Coffee Blade Grinder, Snotty Barista, Tanzania Peaberry

I knew I was in trouble when the barista asked what kind of grinder I was using. Seriously? He seemed concerned that I was not getting the most complete and complex taste from my beans. Because I use Tanzania Peaberry exclusively, he was actually worried.

I explained to him that I used a blade grinder from Starbucks that I bought at least 20 years ago. Then his frown turned into a grimace while saying “if it works for you”.

Damn right it works for me you snot! I like to shred my beans, brew them and enjoy a hot, black cup of coffee.

Do I need it to be more complex? I guess he thought so.

Examination of a Starbucks mug (listening to Sea of Joy)

Art, artist, Artist's Hands, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, Blind Faith - Sea of Joy, coffee mug, life worth living, starbucks

Even though I rarely drink Starbucks coffee, a mug I bought several years ago (Chicago mug), is my favorite. It is heavy and large. It is my “go to” each and every morning. Help the soul who breaks this mug. If I can’t have coffee in this mug, it is a lesser experience at 5:15 each am.

It’s that important.

While drawing, I was listening to Blind Faith’s “Sea of Joy” ( No better music for a hot cup of coffee and a life worth living.

Almond croissant and coffee

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almond croissant

What can you say about the perfect breakfast at any time of the day. Complement with black, organic coffee and perfection erupts.

Loving my Dr. Ph. Martin watercolors.