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pepper plate

But the colors are not accurate.


I don’t give a rat’s ass. The colors are exactly as intended and could have  painted realistically, if I wanted.

Line and groove

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Etch boy

Love to do fancy line work, sculpture and groove. This is what I’m about. Rendering a “perfect” image, aka. “that looks so real” is faking it for me.

Give me the rhythm of drumbeat frenzy. It’s in my mind and lightning to my hand. This is as real as it gets.


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I have a friend who loves sunflowers and see them while walking my neighborhood with Ozzy. While his leg is in a perpetual state of lift, my eyes are always observing and wondering how to illustrate.

They are in my mind’s eye.

They are tall, don’t think they have a scent and, complicated. Next time, I will concentrate on the intricate center, the heart of the beast. I may try a gouache for a more opaque, graphic background.

As clear as glass

Art, Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor, Illustration, Watercolor, Watercolors


Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolors are the bomb. I just haven’t figured out how to use them successfully for me – until tonight. They are strong-willed, sometimes opaque and wonky to me. However, I love them and am determined to utilize this beautiful gift.

Because of their opacity, I asked myself if glass would be the perfect challenge. How do I paint, illustrate and keep the glass clear?

Having had a good experience balancing cups recently, I decided to try water glasses from the kitchen. Good?

I’m pleased.

What better way to enjoy dessert

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after the meal

Doing the dishes is my least favorite part about making dinner. As a matter of fact, I detest the hot water, random pieces of food in the drain and knowing I didn’t scrape perfectly.

However, the aftermath is something special. Because after the dishes and the silverware are cleaned, they can be illustrated using line and form.

What better way to enjoy dessert.

My friday self

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It was a great week for illustrating and for discovering new pathways of line and paint. Even if I didn’t post as much as usual, I learned a lot from my errors and false starts.

I used to hate wasting a page in my sketchbook, until I realized that my perceptions needed the adjustment. Paper comes cheap, lessons and honesty are harder to find.

Let ‘er rip Let ‘er rip Let ‘er rip.

Hosta blossoms

Alley, drawing, Hosta, line art, Prismacolor Painting, Sketch, Watercolor


93 humid degrees, but brave enough to walk Ozzy and let him do what dogs like to do. While waiting, I snatched some blossoms from behind someone’s fence.

They quickly became fodder for Ozzy and had to enact Plan B. In front of my house are several Hostas. They are blooming and actually very nice. Although more gentle than my portrayal, I marched on with a Prismacolor as a wet brush.

With the paper still wet, I outlined several areas with the Prismacolor. I like the results and see potential for future drawings. I am not sure why I chose to hold the pencil like a brush, but it felt natural and free.

Her breath greases grip

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me copy3.

Hair sweet movement – stops and starts

while breath fixing down, way down –

she hangs to life.

Oh, she sees no end in sight.

Poor baby lost in lust, an addiction to

white boys and servants.

This is final she kids him not.

No more, no less – just right.

A sweet serving and pass the salt.

Arms fixing hair while hands hang on.


Her breath greases grip.

She held tight.

This doesn’t mean much if

you weren’t there to see.

If you were and she was – colored

paper rang all the news.

She sees no end in sight, so

she left her grip.

She fell six inches deep.

Canyon standards.

I say.

2012 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Color my dreams

1960s, Addiction, death, Self Portrait, selfie, Selfies, Watercolor


Everybody rides the wave of time.
Some ride fast and others, perch slow.

All make book for the end of light, for the
ride of demise where day is left, unwritten.

Peaceful playground, my imagination, this
zoo of misfits who color my dreams and hue
my light.

Focus of clarity sees through my window
and history is made, but yet be blended; my time,
the time and my reality.

We ride the train, where merciful stories puff so slowly.
I guest with an owner, we write together, we share
the ingredients, our dreams.

Puff a wave, feel the sensation of melange
and fingers making beat to time, in me.

2012 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Spank fun ape

ape, banana, hand, monkey, Poetry, Urban Sketch, Watercolor

Monkey talk intoxicating. Monkey love is sham.

Monkey sing this song…

My me buzz you with me walk watch – just little fun.

Me do me; you do dance!

You do Tarzan, little spank fun ape?

You girl speak? You steam jungle?

Banana talk – ooh ooh la!

Sexy give, silly boys hot.

Tarzan talk.

monkey talk