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gnarl 2

What a great word! Gnarl perfectly describes the tree I stared at yesterday, while drinking a Coke and sketching. The gnarl has to have been years in the making, possibly without meddlesome pruning by “management”.

The time spent observing, was the perfect ending to a perfect day of food, weather and friends.

I debated leaving the drawing colorless, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. Possibly I should have.

les fleurs du printemps

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I have been anxiously awaiting the return of my eye and hand. The sense of power that streaks and gives me confidence. One week, two weeks… when?

When is now, and now is Spring. Maybe I’m emotionally drained from school or I’m trying too hard; Usually, that’s the case.

I can’t wait for the temperatures to reach 70 every day. Les fleurs attendant mes yeux.

Leaf sculpture

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leaf sculture

Today’s illustration is more of a sculpture, than an exacting study. Because I stopped and started several times, the path became clear. Carve out the negative space and allow the shapes to manage for themselves.

There are parts that I would crop and areas that could be hidden. However, I am not digitally modifying.

Thanks to Ashley Scarlett…

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… I’m drawing chairs (deck chairs) tonight. That’s a good thing, because I haven’t in a month or two.

Ashley posted her interpretation earlier –  ( and have to say; I like.

Deck Chair




Red bud pods

Red Bud Tree, Sculpture, Spring, Spring blooms

These are from last year, still in the tree and dried. Very dried. However, in the late afternoon sky, they take on a sculptured presence.

The red bud is a favorite of mine and native to Kentucky. Its bloom is short-lived, but worth waiting for.

After, it isn’t really much to look at especially when the bagworms have their way.