Sleep poem by Wendell Berry

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The body in the invisible
Familiar room accepts the gift
Of sleep, and for a while is still;
Instead of will, it lives by drift

In the great night that gathers up
The earth and sky. Slackened, unbent,
Unwanting, without fear or hope,
The body rests beyond intent.

Sleep is the prayer the body prays,
Breathing in unthought faith the Breath
That through our worry-wearied days
Preserves our rest, and is our truth.


From the 1990 selection of Sabbath poems.

Chair cropper

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Now that Fall has hit, I can sit outside without sweating, being stung and sunburn.

Yesterday, I sat and watched the comings and goings, couples drinking coffee and a little dog who snapped at the patrons.

Finally, a day for celebration. It was my pre-birthday and celebrated with my best friend with lunch and a cocktail.

Project Two: Barry Comer and Richard Guest

Sketchbook Skool

Richard Guest and I have spoken many times, shared our images and planned an artistic endeavor. Viola. The combination of Richard’s excellent eye and very talented hand have joined our worlds for the better.

The Future Is Papier Mâché

Untitled (Project Two), 2017 by Barry Comer and Richard Guest Untitled (Project Two), 2017 by Barry Comer and Richard Guest

This image has been cooking for a good long while; Barry and I initiated our second project in September 2015…and finally, here’s the result.

Our previous project started with an exchange of self-portraits, and through a game of exquisite corpse in which each of us added and subtracted elements, resulted in two distinct images. For project two, we decided to follow the same procedure, but make the end result one image. And kicked things off with a still life…

Here are some of the intermediate stages:

* * *

This is a project by Barry Comer and Richard Guest.

Barry and I have never met in the physical world. He is based in Louisville, Kentucky and I live on the edge of London. I have long admired his drawings. So I jumped at the chance when Barry suggested we work…

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Saturday Eats

Saturday is always a fun day. Starting with the perfect coffee, my lunches usually are composed of delicious treats such as Manhattans, Cuban tapas and treats on the side.

It is difficult to present spreads from my sketchbook. Bear with me.

I like the treats on the side.

les fleurs du printemps

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I have been anxiously awaiting the return of my eye and hand. The sense of power that streaks and gives me confidence. One week, two weeks… when?

When is now, and now is Spring. Maybe I’m emotionally drained from school or I’m trying too hard; Usually, that’s the case.

I can’t wait for the temperatures to reach 70 every day. Les fleurs attendant mes yeux.

History of me

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Fun project I just finished for Sketchbook Skool. Love this group and enjoy tossing ideas around with other artists.