Behind the counter

Cafe Classico, Coffee Counter, Dishes, Restaurant Counter, Sketch, Sketching

In front of the counter, every restaurant gets an A health rating. It’s what’s in back that hides “the works”. I regularly sit at counters and always sit in a position to see the plates, glasses, etc. This cafe is spotless, really clean and organized. I am in awe of someone who probably has their house in order, when I can’t seem to get the garbage out.


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“Barry, there is a funny noise downstairs. I think the AC is making a strange noise”, said my wife. Other than a spider and old cans of paint, I heard nothing and decided to wait and see. 10 minutes later; still nothing.


Draw the monster and make the wait worthwhile. I can’t say I want to sit in dust and webs again too soon, but I found the shapes damn nice and inviting.

Pale man

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paleman copy

Pale man drinks his coffee and wanders… through his day. He stuffs the bad while planning retaliation; cold desserts with sour creams.

He is just a human; gender man, with sensual curves down a hand.

Pale drained of blood, tastes chocolates in a cafe. He purrs louder than comfort.


Line and groove

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Etch boy

Love to do fancy line work, sculpture and groove. This is what I’m about. Rendering a “perfect” image, aka. “that looks so real” is faking it for me.

Give me the rhythm of drumbeat frenzy. It’s in my mind and lightning to my hand. This is as real as it gets.

A moment this morning

American Illustrator, Art, artist, Barry Comer, Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor, Self Portrait, selfie, Sketch


I decided to do a selfie while getting warmed up for the day. Needing to produce before school begins, I’m going to be on a tear, sketching people including myself, my dog and just cool stuff that catches my eye.

If anyone has a suggestion, I’m in.


Self portrait

1950s, 1960s, Ashley Lily Scarlett, bluejean jackets, Self Portrait, selfie, Selfies, Sketch, Sketchbook, Sketching


I’m finally learning how to “get myself”, but wonder why it’s been so difficult. I’m not particularly scarred or too much of a pretty boy.

In fact, I am 60 and finally becoming more interesting to observe and live with.

The wrinkles are starting to really kick in, my eyes are sunken from irregular sleep and the stress from teaching has made an interesting groove. I like myself this way and think that anyone who is picture perfect needs to get some experience. The line part of this painting is particularly satisfying. There is not too much nor too little content. Implied shape is much more interesting.

Friday is a great day to go tripping.

Hosta blossoms

Alley, drawing, Hosta, line art, Prismacolor Painting, Sketch, Watercolor


93 humid degrees, but brave enough to walk Ozzy and let him do what dogs like to do. While waiting, I snatched some blossoms from behind someone’s fence.

They quickly became fodder for Ozzy and had to enact Plan B. In front of my house are several Hostas. They are blooming and actually very nice. Although more gentle than my portrayal, I marched on with a Prismacolor as a wet brush.

With the paper still wet, I outlined several areas with the Prismacolor. I like the results and see potential for future drawings. I am not sure why I chose to hold the pencil like a brush, but it felt natural and free.