Organic, Peace, Sculpture, Sculptured Sketch, Stone

When I used to carve stone, the little cracks and grooves suggested where to go. One line organized the next and another flowed from the other. I found harmony in the yield of the rock while satisfying myself. Somehow, we found a relationship and lived in peace.

Can it be done with line? I come close to allowing my hands to orchestrate the shape, yet I can’t hold or smell the outcome.

I miss the rugged artwork I used to create.

Saturday night selfie

Saturday Night Selfie, Sculpture, Self Portrait, selfie


Saturday night I guess is “selfie night” and now, a tradition. I like doing them because illustrations of one’s self are enemy number 1. I hate the line of the nose or curl of the ear. Nothing is perfect my mind’s eye.

Might as well be a “Saturday Night Massacre”. Bang.

My dear friend

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Ozzy copy

Ozzy is my dear friend. He came along when I needed companionship and distraction, when my job was eliminated in 2009.

He is a pain in the ass.

Crisp brown

Allen Ginsberg, Artist's Hands, Autumn, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor, drawing, dreams, Fall Leaves, Hand Made Paper, Sculpture, Sculptured Sketch, Self Portrait, selfie, Selfies


The wind is stirring my dirt, with rain and scents in crisped and brown. You are here, time wound, now sprung. Floating delivery, you brought me here.

Line and groove

American Illustrator, Art, art, artist, Artist's Hands, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, Dr. Ph. Martin Watercolor, Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor, drumbeat, Rhythm, Sculpture, Sculptured Sketch, Self Portrait, selfie, Sketch, Sketchbook, Sketchbook Sketching, Tommy Kane, Watercolor, Watercolors

Etch boy

Love to do fancy line work, sculpture and groove. This is what I’m about. Rendering a “perfect” image, aka. “that looks so real” is faking it for me.

Give me the rhythm of drumbeat frenzy. It’s in my mind and lightning to my hand. This is as real as it gets.

Coffee cups

American Illustrator, Art, artist, barry comer, Barry Comer Artist, Coffee Cups, German Sketchbook, kunst-papier, kunst-papier sketchbooks, Organic coffee, Sculpture


I finally have a sketchbook that’s perfectly made. After ruining 3 or 4 sketches on a Moleskine, I bought a ( It is fine German quality which can be felt on every part of the sheet. Nothing against Moleskine, I would rather spend a few hours knowing “I’m good to go”, than in a state of uncertainty.

Okay, back to the sketch. Cups really give me pleasure to illustrate. They have  beautiful symmetry which begs to explore, shave and hatch. They are also useful to contain the nicest beverage ever discovered. Coffee.

Gentle restraint

Barry Comer Artist, Fruit Illustration, Hand Illustration, Industrial Design, Sculpture

banana copy

My bananas are ripe. Very ripe.

So it was difficult holding them without a terminal squish. Also,  it was unbearably hot today and a food illustration was requested, I took them on. I always like drawing fruit. The shapes never fail to amaze me in context of sculpture or industrial design.

My sculpture

Art, Limestone Sculpture, line art, Pen and Ink, Sculpture

feet copy

I used to carve stone, big stone from quarries near Bloomington, Indiana.

It was hard work, but I was very young, strong and an idealist. I could, I would be a good sculptor. With influences such as Arp and Miro, I  was on fire.

Funny how realism, marriage and finances change a path.

Maybe not that funny.

Red bud pods

Red Bud Tree, Sculpture, Spring, Spring blooms

These are from last year, still in the tree and dried. Very dried. However, in the late afternoon sky, they take on a sculptured presence.

The red bud is a favorite of mine and native to Kentucky. Its bloom is short-lived, but worth waiting for.

After, it isn’t really much to look at especially when the bagworms have their way.