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Saturday Eats

Saturday is always a fun day. Starting with the perfect coffee, my lunches usually are composed of delicious treats such as Manhattans, Cuban tapas and treats on the side.

It is difficult to present spreads from my sketchbook. Bear with me.

I like the treats on the side.


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pepper plate

But the colors are not accurate.


I don’t give a rat’s ass. The colors are exactly as intended and could have  painted realistically, if I wanted.

Hosta blossoms

Alley, drawing, Hosta, line art, Prismacolor Painting, Sketch, Watercolor


93 humid degrees, but brave enough to walk Ozzy and let him do what dogs like to do. While waiting, I snatched some blossoms from behind someone’s fence.

They quickly became fodder for Ozzy and had to enact Plan B. In front of my house are several Hostas. They are blooming and actually very nice. Although more gentle than my portrayal, I marched on with a Prismacolor as a wet brush.

With the paper still wet, I outlined several areas with the Prismacolor. I like the results and see potential for future drawings. I am not sure why I chose to hold the pencil like a brush, but it felt natural and free.