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For those not old enough, keystrokes meant an amount of letters or depression of a typewriter key/letter. It also meant the sound of the metal “key” striking the paper and resonating on the roller behind, with an echo within the machine. It is was a sound that filled 100s of movie scenes, real offices and well; anywhere that needed a formal document.

Again, I am trying to illuminate and justify the shapes and nuance. A typewriter wasn’t born out of thin air. It was a metamorphosis like any machine.

It is a fun and challenging set of shapes to illustrate.


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“Barry, there is a funny noise downstairs. I think the AC is making a strange noise”, said my wife. Other than a spider and old cans of paint, I heard nothing and decided to wait and see. 10 minutes later; still nothing.


Draw the monster and make the wait worthwhile. I can’t say I want to sit in dust and webs again too soon, but I found the shapes damn nice and inviting.


Art, artist, Artist's Hands, Barry Comer Artist, Drawing Table, Pencil and a Prismacolor

This is a view of my workspace. Desk, tools, paint, etc., I keep everything close at hand and ready to use. Sometimes my area becomes overgrown with brushes and other tools, that make it impossible to compose or keep my composure. So last night, I deleted my latest post for exactly these reasons. I was not satisfied nor did I put my usual effort into the drawing. I posted for the sake of posting, which is a very bad idea.

The drive to keep busy and work hard was clouded by my impulsive qualities. I allowed my “less than best” to be published.

Shame on me.

This illustration (workspace), is up to my standards and am confident, happy and content to make this presentation. It reflects most importantly, a sure hand and keen eye, but most of all, patience.