Keystrokes, pen and pencil sketch, Pencil and a Prismacolor, Smith Corona Typewriters, Tom Hanks Typewriter Collection, Typewriter, Typing

For those not old enough, keystrokes meant an amount of letters or depression of a typewriter key/letter. It also meant the sound of the metal “key” striking the paper and resonating on the roller behind, with an echo within the machine. It is was a sound that filled 100s of movie scenes, real offices and well; anywhere that needed a formal document.

Again, I am trying to illuminate and justify the shapes and nuance. A typewriter wasn’t born out of thin air. It was a metamorphosis like any machine.

It is a fun and challenging set of shapes to illustrate.

Movement Hoodie

hoodie movement, hoodie study, Illusion, pen and pencil sketch

Today is the beginning of our end-of-year standardized testing. As I watched my 5th grader work his way through a problem, I also observed his hoodie. It had volume, folds and texture. As the student moved, so did the illusion of air being pumped into the arms and head.