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I have a friend who loves sunflowers and see them while walking my neighborhood with Ozzy. While his leg is in a perpetual state of lift, my eyes are always observing and wondering how to illustrate.

They are in my mind’s eye.

They are tall, don’t think they have a scent and, complicated. Next time, I will concentrate on the intricate center, the heart of the beast. I may try a gouache for a more opaque, graphic background.


Bees, Garden, Hidden, nature, roses, Thorns


Take my hand sweet wind,
moist Spring of sky.

Wipe my arms with beads, with trickles;
with ancient evaporation.

Bring me closer to my touch and
reveal what remains.

Hidden places.

Barry Comer 2010 – Illustration 2015

Flight of the Pink

line art, nature, Pen and Ink, Prismacolor, Sketchbook

flight of the pink

Make little dimples in the air,
the ones you drew in water, the currents –
the sounding of the horns; the hunt.

The leaves flow down, they pause for breath –
and the source of beat, the sound of heat,
the blemished skin.

Take care en route, spattered signs – windblown,
yielding – cold, cold, cold.

Twirl up and receive submission, the guide, the
snort and diem.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Twinkles of stars

Depression, dreams, emotional/behavioral room, Expressionism, Illustration, Isolation, nature, pefection, Pen and Ink, pencil drawing, Self Portrait, selfie, Teaching

crap day

We turn around and find pinholes,

water streams of light,

from stars

who swallowed

and took our lives.

With sounds of snorts

and whiskered,

bully throats.

Whose heart

am I searching,

in this season of

hello goodbyes?

We look

upon them long

into night,

such twinkles,

of stars

that stole our loves –

their sweet

tender smiles.

Give back our dreamers.

Lend to us more – for years

into years.

(written in 2012) (sketched today)



Thanks to Ashley Scarlett…

Chairs, Deck chairs, nature, Pen and Ink, pencil drawing, Photography, Spring, syncopatedeyeball, Urban Sketching, Watercolors

… I’m drawing chairs (deck chairs) tonight. That’s a good thing, because I haven’t in a month or two.

Ashley posted her interpretation earlier –  ( and have to say; I like.

Deck Chair




Oakleaf hydrangea

Flowers, line art, nature, Oakleaf hydrangea, Pen and Ink, pencil drawing

It’s Spring, I hope. The one thing on my mind is getting out there, and getting busy. There are plants to bloom, grass soon to mow and dead leaves piled up in clusters.

I’m tired of winter and am celebrating Spring with a reminder that nature finds a way to live, to find joy in a simple bloom.



More bananas, really

Bananas, color, fruit, Mellow Yellow, nature, Pen and Ink, Urban Sketching, Watercolor

Old BananasOkay, I am sketching more bananas. What are you going to do about it? This little baby was on it way to the garbage, when I decided to make some use of it. After an initial sketch, I peeled and then bit. Nasty sweet and not my style. I like them a bit on the green side. Anyway, I promise, no more bananas.

Apple turn on

Apples, chameleons, fruit, nature

appleApples are wonderful to sketch and turn me on. Their shapes are elusive and nothing is exact about the color, line or especially, the interior. They are another one of nature’s natural chameleons. Look closely. See. Taste.