Chair cropper

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Now that Fall has hit, I can sit outside without sweating, being stung and sunburn.

Yesterday, I sat and watched the comings and goings, couples drinking coffee and a little dog who snapped at the patrons.

Finally, a day for celebration. It was my pre-birthday and celebrated with my best friend with lunch and a cocktail.

Monster at the top

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Surveying where I sit and feeling safe is criteria number 1 where I eat. If they come, I have my escape route planned. Execution is a quick leap and out.

Staircases offer none of the above. Either direction, the geometry is not your best friend. Either way, “you’re going down”. Damn venues made from old houses.

Parachutes can’t pop open in tiny spaces.

Missed reservation

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il cing heure

If you have ever been to Paris, you know how ubiquitous café chairs, tables and people dining are. It is part of a daily routine and one I could easily adopt here. Somehow, the noises from the street and pollution never reach my table and cup of coffee.

It is a magic trick only the French know.

All day, I wondered how my favorite cafés and streets felt. The more I thought, the more angry I became. It took all morning to find peace in my heart and find a realization within. Only I can change my reality and how I felt. Anger does nothing but breed more anger.

I have chosen to feel only hope and love for my friends who live in and around the city. After all, a city is nothing without inhabitants. When I think of Paris, I think of them, their voices and laughter.

There is a song I love by Jacques Dutronc. It is called Il eat cinq heures, Paris s’eveille. It is Paris. Be safe Aline, André, your parents and sisters, Merlin and your parents, all my friends in La Fontenay sous Bois and Paris.




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This evening was perfect with sun somewhat muted – the air almost crisp. Somewhere between now and 3 weeks from today, Fall will rise, leaving Summer’s discomfort.

The furniture on my front porch was not taken advantage of this year, and I wanted one last shot. After sketching, I came in, poured a bourbon and painted.

A perfect end for a fading day. A chair and cushion.

Chairs for ashley scarlett

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Ashley Scarlett ( posted a beautiful image of a sofa and office chair the other day. It had all the ingredients and essence of office cool and scent. I could even detect someone’s cigarettes in the fabric.

I don’t prefer sitting in offices, nor typical office furniture. However, I am always amused that designers took the time to create such schlock.

Thank you Ashley for inspiring me to go out and illustrate some “kafé Kool”. Not so much for the hipster next to me. He was quite full of himself, plus his black rimmed glasses were obnoxious. I don’t like hipsters.


A little java and a lot of coffee

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I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend Kathy; sketching and being quiet. Nothing could have been more perfect. You see, friends don’t necessarily have to speak to enjoy a common experience.

Sometimes, a real friend sits, listens and nods. That’s all it takes.

We met at Java, a local coffee shop near my house. Even the real name is something newer, I hold fast to the old and refuse to give it up. It is a neighborhood coffee shop that rarely entertains hipsters. That’s a good thing in itself. What is does promote is excellent organic coffees and superior music. Leonard Cohen was playing when I looked up, then The Zombies. I was on fire.

A perfect day to start conversation without words.

Mono café

Cafe Sketches, cafe workers, Chairs, Coffee, Coffee Bar, Coffee Shop, Coffee Shop Sketching


Today I shared lunch,

a circle of coffee…

both share le noir,

poison secrets,

a tool for conversation,

she is hot additive,

savage colosseum,

the scent; spirit fume.

both are simmered, and full-bodied.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

A warm day at the Mellwood

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I spent a very warm afternoon at the Mellwood Arts Center sketching. (

“Originally the Fischer Meat Packing Company, the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center has been renovated into a 360,000 square foot home to over 200 artist studios, specialty stores, galleries, teaching studios, office spaces, rehearsal spaces for theater groups, dancers and more. MAEC has been host to many exciting Art Fairs, Film Festivals, Music Concerts and numerous other creative events.”

I am really happy the days of screaming animals is long gone.