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drink A

2 ounces bourbon

1 ounce sweet Italian vermouth

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Cocktail glass / or hipster vessel

Food optional

I miss paris

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paris copy

A single flower illuminates a confit du canard, with a wine glass appropriately sized. Smells and touch; many textures. I miss speaking a language whose melody is sung in alley cafes.

Parts are home in memory. Parts are waiting for new eyes and newer touch.

Polka dot scarf and paper lights

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JAVAThe Seattle Urban Sketchers have caught my attention the last several months. Wrapped in familiar urban theme, each has a unique familiarity to their city. One in particular is David Chamness. I like his line, but more, I appreciate his palette and casual painting. Of course casual is in the eye of the beholder and his work is very sophisticated.
So I went out early this evening and sketched at a local cafe. I was mindful of my line, but more so, I paid attention to my painting.

Irish bar on a blustery day

Bars, Ireland, Irish Bars, Murphy's Stout

Irish RoverWhat could be better than an Irish bar on a blustery, winter day? Earlier, I decided that I needed a Murphy’s Stout ( and some time to sketch. Even though I don’t care for dark places to sketch (I can’t see well enough), The Irish Rover (, seemed like the right place at the right time.

The owner, Michael Reidy, is exactly what one needs when alone. He knows exactly how much friendly attention to give, and when to be hand’s off. Plus, he is Irish. Imagine that! I have frequented this restaurant over the years, love the ambience and adore the owner and his wife. Both are restaurateurs who have built a successful business with good food and even better service.

Plus, they make a mean Manhattan.



Krups and Stevie Ray

Bars, Coffee, Coffee Bar, Krups, Sketchbook Skool, Texas Blues

I decided to play some Stevie Ray Vaughan ( this afternoon and get in the mood. How can one not? First came the coffee and then the bourbon. It’s kind of my healthy snack attack. In keeping with tradition, I played him loud and proud. Although I am not a fan of his Hendrix interpretations, I am all about his Texas/blues sounds and wish he had just stuck with that.

Hendrix is personal (