Thank you

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Thank you for every message, kind words and encouragement. The surgery went well and am now home recovering. (

While in my hospital room, the first thing I did was grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Even though the sketch was not up to my standards, the pain-free experience was. My right index finger still has a little numbness on the very tip, but everywhere else is back to normal.

Not having created any art for over a month has been difficult for a variety of reasons. Because illustration is one of my means of speaking, I felt mute the entire time.

Let’s see what is in store tomorrow. I want to challenge myself, but I want to be realistic.

Thank you again for your well wishes and warm comments.


Italian job

Badass Artist, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, Corradino D'Ascanio, Italian

This is a sweet Italian job that sits in a cafe I visit every Saturday. It is bright red, sexy and sculptural.

Again, my iPhone betrays with added tint which is not welcome. If I wanted sepia, I would have added the tone. Maybe my illustrations are telling me that they want a dash. When they verbalize, I will converse.

Happy Italian design and beautiful line. Thank you Corradino D’Ascanio.


Hosta (giboshi)

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I have a backyard full of hostas. They are in full sun and shade, marked by the variegated and non-variegated versions. I like them for their ease and how they fill an area with green. Plus, they are a living sculpture to watch, as they move in the wind.


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“Barry, there is a funny noise downstairs. I think the AC is making a strange noise”, said my wife. Other than a spider and old cans of paint, I heard nothing and decided to wait and see. 10 minutes later; still nothing.


Draw the monster and make the wait worthwhile. I can’t say I want to sit in dust and webs again too soon, but I found the shapes damn nice and inviting.

Frankfort Avenue color compromise

Badass Artist, Barry Comer Artist, compromise, Learning

This is the painted version of what “was” a successful black and white. Again, I am happy that I took a photo before, and now after.

I am disappointed for a number of reasons. The sharp lines have disappeared and the puzzle-like quality of wires, poles and buildings have flattened out.

On my satisfaction scale, I give it a 4.25. The success of the image may not be up to my standards but rather, what I learned. Clearly, learning is always a 10.


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This is Ozzy and has been with me since he was 7-weeks old. As a Blue Heeler, his job is never done and has more energy than the sun. In fact, I am not certain if he actually sleeps, but my wife has observed him with eyes closed.

There is an intelligence with his breed that most dogs never reach, which makes training him a task. In fact, I can’t. The vet says, “all really intelligent dogs are difficult”.

Oh yeah. He’s difficult. He reminds me of me.