Chairs for ashley scarlett

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Ashley Scarlett ( posted a beautiful image of a sofa and office chair the other day. It had all the ingredients and essence of office cool and scent. I could even detect someone’s cigarettes in the fabric.

I don’t prefer sitting in offices, nor typical office furniture. However, I am always amused that designers took the time to create such schlock.

Thank you Ashley for inspiring me to go out and illustrate some “kafé Kool”. Not so much for the hipster next to me. He was quite full of himself, plus his black rimmed glasses were obnoxious. I don’t like hipsters.


An underwater vision of the ground

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shame copy

We were walking through
the grass singing song,
we were talking in the breeze
singing song.

We were dragging feet
along the freezing stones
and you were laying cold and
pressed as if;

to drown, a drowning,
an underwater vision of
the ground;

above – below – the walking through
is practice for the song –
of songs – in ground;

we talked our way to steaming,
heaping sounds.

We were talking ways of seeing
what’s so loud –
in clouds – in sun – in clear –
our bodies;

our mindful ways of singing
just our sound.

2011 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Thank you Ashley

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This is a portrait of Ashley Lily Scarlett, a photographer/artist who creates in Australia. Her generosity to other artists is limitless, publishing beautiful self-portraits, photographs, poetry and verse. In fact, her talents seem to have no boundaries and are a devotional whose efforts to curate, are frankly amazing.

Thank you madame, for allowing me to illustrate you. I am pleased and hope you have been served well.

Ashley’s websites

Wild thing

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Ozzy 1

Wild Thing – you make my heart break.

Wild Thing – I cannot be this sane.

Wild Thing – I hate you and am down with that.

Wild Thing, you moved me.

Wild Thing – come on and torque me tight.

You kill me.

Hardware and the treats

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Australian Blue Heelers are one of a kind. They require 100% attention and a firm hand. Both I lack. But the good news, is that Ozzy is a sweet and loving dog.

He only needs to be reminded who’s in charge. I forget. He reminds.

That’s his job.

Dance the sin

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Make me blue, give me wings,
make the house jive coffee, make it simmer,
jump and trip the wires – let it rip my cords.

appleFlash-time purpose, pinch and feel my throat.

No sense like the present, no purposeful feel and
certainly no spring uptown or down low.

A little more belt, tightened around my waist,
slipping down, way down.

Give me a zap, a current – sizzled fat or
bone to dirt – I’ll take them both.

A little less bible – give me a belt. Give me
black, give me toes with straight-up curls –
make me pant the word – help me dance the sin.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

Pay no attention to the Blue Heeler next to my naked foot

Australia, Blue Heeler, Feet, Nudity

Don’t be distracted by the foot. The Blue Heeler is still, he is sleeping and dreaming. What a relief for the evening.

If you know Blue Heelers, you know the definition of action. He never rests; never. As a matter of fact, not even my naked foot distracts him. He is one of a kind.

chair and Ozzy a