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An interpretation from the aftermath.

I didn’t eat paella today, but did enjoy datiles rellenos as always. Anything with dates and bacon has to be good. Paired with a bourbon cocktail and a Spanish bread pudding, I started my sketch.

Asking the server to leave the plates, I sketched under a hot/bright light, only to really see my work later. Painting is another story. The Koi watercolors are different from any I have used in the past. They feel muted, and am trying to find my “sweet spot”.

Here is the link ( to the restaurant. It is truly one of Louisville’s more pleasurable places to eat.


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This is Ozzy and has been with me since he was 7-weeks old. As a Blue Heeler, his job is never done and has more energy than the sun. In fact, I am not certain if he actually sleeps, but my wife has observed him with eyes closed.

There is an intelligence with his breed that most dogs never reach, which makes training him a task. In fact, I can’t. The vet says, “all really intelligent dogs are difficult”.

Oh yeah. He’s difficult. He reminds me of me.

Examination of a Starbucks mug (listening to Sea of Joy)

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Even though I rarely drink Starbucks coffee, a mug I bought several years ago (Chicago mug), is my favorite. It is heavy and large. It is my “go to” each and every morning. Help the soul who breaks this mug. If I can’t have coffee in this mug, it is a lesser experience at 5:15 each am.

It’s that important.

While drawing, I was listening to Blind Faith’s “Sea of Joy” ( No better music for a hot cup of coffee and a life worth living.


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This is a view of my workspace. Desk, tools, paint, etc., I keep everything close at hand and ready to use. Sometimes my area becomes overgrown with brushes and other tools, that make it impossible to compose or keep my composure. So last night, I deleted my latest post for exactly these reasons. I was not satisfied nor did I put my usual effort into the drawing. I posted for the sake of posting, which is a very bad idea.

The drive to keep busy and work hard was clouded by my impulsive qualities. I allowed my “less than best” to be published.

Shame on me.

This illustration (workspace), is up to my standards and am confident, happy and content to make this presentation. It reflects most importantly, a sure hand and keen eye, but most of all, patience.

Shiver Cafe

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Despite the warm colors, the cafe was cold. Bracing for a Summer’s day, the owner had the AC turned down early in the morning. Good for me as I hate Summer.

Bad for the coffee.