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gnarl 2

What a great word! Gnarl perfectly describes the tree I stared at yesterday, while drinking a Coke and sketching. The gnarl has to have been years in the making, possibly without meddlesome pruning by “management”.

The time spent observing, was the perfect ending to a perfect day of food, weather and friends.

I debated leaving the drawing colorless, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. Possibly I should have.

Pots and pans

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pots and pans

Challenged by a friend to draw the inside of a cabinet, I reluctantly opened several for “that cool perspective”. However, none really made me happy, until I started cooking dinner.


Inside the cupboard was a masterpiece, several hanging precariously unbalanced. This was the last place I wanted to look and the first, worthy of sketching.

I used to have neighbors who banged their pots and pots on New Year’s Eve. Mmmmm, I think I’ll draw.


Pleasure center

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This is my Zojirushi coffee maker. It is slow and it makes my morning cup very much like a pour over. The big difference is that it warms the water.

I don’t.

There is something about the perfect cup of coffee any time of the day. It is the embodiment of good memories, a comfortable mind and all that is well.