Time drips down and down

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Abbreviated love this afternoon,

until light strikes clouds

and hours roar near.

I think it often while extending

moments and ticks, until my sun

who shimmers; circles along

my chest.

Happy is the word and content for

hands; that touched and stroked.

The silence after, beats loud

in song, as she whispers

words that penetrate.

Nothing more for now.

Nothing need be carved to

time and beats.

My body floats

among the waves and

time drips down

and down.

2012 Barry Comer

blind man twingley

12-step, 1960s, beat poetry, bluejean jackets, dreams, Illustration, Jonathan Twingley, Leonard Cohen, Pen and Ink, pencil drawing, portrait, Sketchbook, Sketchbook Skool

blind man

blind man twingley,

buzz-cut rasp –

wear your hat and

saucered eye.

blind man twingley,

waltz my brush for broken

fenders and

raspy voice.

blind man twingley,

fixed in number 2.

Fewer lines calling home

12-step, 1960s, Addiction, beat poetry, Cigarettes, Communism, Expressionism, Illustration, line art, Poetry, portrait, selfie, Street


Yup, fewer lines seems to be my calling at the moment. I’ll go with it until the “call of the line” brings me home.

There does seem to be a little “street” in me.

12-step illustrators program

12-step, Addiction, Feet, hand


It was suggested to me that I am “overworking” my illustrations. Very agreeable, I have resolved to minimize my line and focus on the basics – less color, more suggestion.

Sometimes, in an effort to create, my brain says more is better. Maybe I need a 12-step illustration program.

Thank you Ashley.