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  1. Barry, I can’t stop looking at your self portrait, I Like a Big Brush. Please consider making a course for Udemy.com. I’ll be your first student. 😉 I know you volunteer and teach kids with disabilities, so this could be a chance to share your wonder-working talent with a broader audience. Please, please, please.

      1. udemy.com is dedicated to online learning. You can take a course from Seth Godin, a world renounce author as well as courses from “unknown” people with knowledge or skills to teach on a wide variety of topics. Want to learn Photography, computer coding, or how to paint in mixed media— you can find it at udemy.com. You can offer a course for free or fee. You create video or PowerPoint lessons and share your expertise with interested students.
        You’ll find the site at http://www.udemy.com

  2. Hi Barry,

    I love your drawings – looking at them has inspired me to get out my pencils and sketch book again. What is more impressive is how you use your art to help children who need some beauty in life. Thank you for helping to make change in the world in your own way.

    With best wishes,

  3. I adore your artwork! Do you ever take requests or do art for a tattoo? I am fascinated with your emotion behind your pieces and your inspiration. I would love to chat more about it!

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