Moto mojo

1950a, 1960s, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, Coffee Shot, Harley Davidson Patriot, Motorcycle Knockoff, Urban Rider

Hey, why not ride a motorcycle that looks like it was designed in the 40s. More so, put a ridiculous stereo on it, an American flag to show you are “a real American” and then strip.

Strip all common sense for your safety and the safety of your partner. After all, you ride a Japanese knockoff of some other famous brand. You know the one, the motorcycle that will soon use Europe as a more reasonable method of manufacturing. But you are one with the air and the road.

Fly on little wing, ride on.






11 thoughts on “Moto mojo

    1. I always appreciate the ride… BTW – I rode a Ducati for 10 years every single day. NO CAR. Miss it terribly, but surgery last December has made it impossible. If I can’t move my neck perfectly, riding is impossibly unsafe.


    1. Exactly.

      Would you believe that Steppenwolf was my first rock concert. My father took me to the venue and dropped me off.

      I was there by myself with several hundred fans, the smell of pot and adventure.

      it was wonderful.


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