Born again Fascist

Fascism, Fascists, Immigrants, Nazi Germany, Trump

Born again fascists are the rage in my country. If someone can be dehumanized, our cheerleader-in-chief leads the way. His tweets blanket the media, giving freedom of speech and press a nauseated bellyache of bile.

Today, Donald Trump has summoned the best of the best. Calling immigrants (southern border) an infestation is pure, born again; Hitler. I don’t think I could exaggerate this point.

Trump is an ugly, despicable person. He is certainly not a human being in the truest sense, and found how easily his eyes mated with Adolf’s.

In fact, it was too easy. Photoshop, my friend.


17 thoughts on “Born again Fascist

  1. Thank you sir, for speaking out! Too many remain silent. This trump has always been used as an example to my son, of what NOT to be. Now that he is president, I have never used so many expletives!

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