12 thoughts on “Bzzzzz

  1. I’ve sometimes put brushes aside for years, not wanting to even look at a blank piece of paper–so from me to you: I hope you come to see your work the way we who are graced with it do–as unique and tender and expressive. All the very best to you these days, Barry. Thanks.


  2. I hear you. I am, selfishly, glad you’re back. Because no one I know does anything that looks anything like what you do. But I’m not in your head, and it’s not fun when you’re looking for something new but not finding it. Still, knowing, and being able to say, “I’m still in the complaining phase” – that’s a good thing anyway, yes? I hope the pieces come back into a recognizable order, but until then, your depiction of the falling apart is exquisite. And things must fall apart a bit, sometimes.


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