Keystrokes, pen and pencil sketch, Pencil and a Prismacolor, Smith Corona Typewriters, Tom Hanks Typewriter Collection, Typewriter, Typing

For those not old enough, keystrokes meant an amount of letters or depression of a typewriter key/letter. It also meant the sound of the metal “key” striking the paper and resonating on the roller behind, with an echo within the machine. It is was a sound that filled 100s of movie scenes, real offices and well; anywhere that needed a formal document.

Again, I am trying to illuminate and justify the shapes and nuance. A typewriter wasn’t born out of thin air. It was a metamorphosis like any machine.

It is a fun and challenging set of shapes to illustrate.

15 thoughts on “Keystrokes

  1. Hi! Typewriters have been part of my life since childhood when my mother used to typewrite all of my father’s handwriting. He was a prolific Swedish novelist. It was only in the early 1990s that I myself shifted from typewriter to computer for my own writing. Do check the header of my blog if you want to see a nice portrait of two typewriters. I really, really savor your drawiings!


    1. I do and did. The composition is great and appreciated. Yes sadly, we all have made the transition, but entirely bad. I can pound away on my computer never sticking a key, have a little internal genius say “misspelling” and the have it fixed.

      How great is that?

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