Thank you

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Thank you for every message, kind words and encouragement. The surgery went well and am now home recovering. (

While in my hospital room, the first thing I did was grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Even though the sketch was not up to my standards, the pain-free experience was. My right index finger still has a little numbness on the very tip, but everywhere else is back to normal.

Not having created any art for over a month has been difficult for a variety of reasons. Because illustration is one of my means of speaking, I felt mute the entire time.

Let’s see what is in store tomorrow. I want to challenge myself, but I want to be realistic.

Thank you again for your well wishes and warm comments.


27 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Yup, I missed this, too – missed the whole fall I guess. I understand feeling mute when you weren’t able to draw. It sounds like you had a really good surgeon and a decent hospital experience, I’m so glad. And I hope this surgery puts you in a better place, with more energy ultimately for drawing, and everything else I suppose! 😉


    1. Energy without pain or numbness – that’s the goal. It’s working so far, but recovery is boring, cannot drive, etc. Yes, my surgeon was aces all the way. I was warned that he could be a bear, but I found him anything but. His empathy, conversations and certainty was refreshing.


  2. Hi Barry. Just learned about your surgery. Hope your recovery is going smoothly and that you’re feeling better and stronger every day! I just saw the collaborative project you did with Richard, and wow, it’s absolutely fantastic!


  3. I’ve been truant for a couple of years now and catching up. There was a time when it was thought I’d need to have a disc removed at C4 and the pathway to it would be from the front. Is that what you had done, or something of the sort? I’m very heartened to know you are mending well, Barry.


    1. Thank you Lance for writing. I am on the mend and feel great. I had cervical fusion surgery because I had lost feeling in my right arm and hand. It was actually pretty bad. I couldn’t draw, I couldn’t even brush my teeth with my dominant arm.

      It is totally repaired less a quarter of an inch on the tip of the index finger. Go figure.


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