Stand-in for a zombie army

I thought a little pain was good for an artist’s understanding and balloon-like ego. To be better endowed, to feel a bit more human is exactly how we further our sight.

However, too much pain is a joy-killer; a stab that keeps probing.

In my neck, I have a disc that is herniated. It has decided to pinch a nerve both physically and mentally. Forcing my arm to seek a more painless position, I move it around constantly. In fact, my gestures would be a good backdrop and stand-in for a zombie army’s class picture.

The movements are exaggerated.

I cannot illustrate nor hold anything in my dominant hand for more than a few seconds. The feeling of electricity from the pinched nerve is painful and from my experiences so far, the feeling is more akin to a hammer probing up and down my arm.

If you missed my posts the last 2 weeks, this is the explanation. An MRI is being scheduled asap and then hopefully a consult with a spinal surgeon for a fix.

Meanwhile, I have everyone’s posts to “like” or “quickly comment” as a balm, to soothe my shrinking endowment.

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Barry Comer

I volunteer as a design and communications consultant with Family Scholar House in Louisville, Kentucky, the Democratic Socialists of America and teach children with emotional and developmental disabilities.

I have degrees in art and was an art director for 30 years.


  1. Paul Randall

    Best wishes, I went through a similar experience a few years ago and PT did the trick for me. I hope it does you too! Missing your art…


  2. Oh God, Barry, not fair! Surgery – not something one wants to do. Followed by PT, I bet, and pain. But there’s too much pain now, so hopefully that will solve it. I wish you fortitude on the journey, and I wish you everything that will help you keep your sense of humor! Keep us posted, OK?


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