Australian Shepherd, Pen and Ink Dog Portrait

North is an Australian Shepherd with attitude. She is the spitting image (temperament) of her owner – feisty, very intelligent and beautiful. Plus, she can jump from a sit to unbelievable heights. She’s funny to watch in slow-motion.

I wanted to surprise her owner Kathy, as a new office piece of art. Hopefully, it will cheer her on days the patients are tough and on days she misses her pooch.



16 thoughts on “North

  1. Very thoughtful, and it will be appreciated. People have done the same for me, and it’s all I can do not to demand more.

    Tell Kathy to take that Aussie swimming. They are amazing swimmers, and they were in the Puget Sound.

    Actually, my parents taught me to swim in the Sound. Off a sailboat… Parents used to get away with murder. (I remember loving it.)


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