Sunday self-portrait

Gesture, Line Work

It’s difficult saying “I am pleased” with anything I illustrate, only because I am modest and critical. However, today’s self-portrait seems to bring a smile. With simple line, minimal color and sculptured gesture, I am content.

My illustrations have fallen off since school began and I became irritable. Ask my friend Kathy. Thank you for a push.

22 thoughts on “Sunday self-portrait

  1. Wonderful Barry I believe artists feel this way…I read some wonderful words the other day about artists doubting self…feeling content is good and then we grow 🤓 anyways that’s what I think…press the boundaries of comfort and one grows…have a drawing happy day…

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  2. It’s very nice, the eye takes it all in at once and the eye is pleased. Not just yours.
    And I feel your pleasure especially in the hair – I can totally sense how it felt to make those lines and colors. Sweep, sweep, sweep the irritation away….


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