Champs des onions

Art, artist, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, champs des onions, Onions

These are my idea of what real onions look like. Not packaged under plastic, and certainly not constrained by a fiber netting. Onions should be tactile and papery. They are delicious to the tongue when cooked and enhanced near the nose.

There is no substitute.

21 thoughts on “Champs des onions

      1. Well, brilliant monotonous work nonetheless. And I personally struggle when it comes to working with monotonous artworks. So I’ve to say it again, yours are quite brilliant.


  1. Gee, no onion powder? 😉 Yes, there should have be a bowl of them in the kitchen…and what a terrific subject they are to draw. The tint is working well again, the knife is lurking…and the spatial relationships are once again brought in question, which you do so well. Always tweaking reality!
    A long time ago I took a Botanical Illustration Certificate course and made a drawing of garlic, another great subject that it seems every drawing student tackles at some point. It was fun! I need to get back to direct contact with the paper, but it’s hard – digital is a magnet. Here’s the garlic – I found a photo of it and put it on Flickr –


    1. Excellent illustration with a softness I adore. Spatial relationships call into question everything for me. I wonder if having been a graphic designer for so long, entitles me now, to explore. After those 30 long years of 2D, I thought I was going to 2D myself and spill on to a floor. I can barely look at graphics without feeling ill.


      1. 🙂 that’s so well put! I hadn’t ever thought about that but you explained it so well. And that immediately brought to mind an article I saw yesterday – with this Lynda Benglis floor piece in it. I think you’ll get a laugh!


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