It’s not all that serious

Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, First Day of School, Self-Portrait, Selfie before class, Teacher, The Allman Brothers Band

The first day of school is 2 days from now and am sure the kids are not ready. They will have to regroup, get it together and otherwise; stop playing.

Tall order!

As for me, I have my game face ready, at least how I think they see me. I’m actually a very nice guy with a few tendencies toward sweetness. Maybe if they listened to a little Allman Brothers with me…


12 thoughts on “It’s not all that serious

  1. I love the angles Barry, and good luck on the new school year. And yes, go for the Allman Brothers, seems like a good icebreaker. Obscure, random fact: Warren Haynes’ mother was my supervisor, at – are you ready? – the Transylvania County Department of Social Services (NC). She was understandably proud of her boy. 😉


      1. I love them too, and it was a bizarre connection, especially because the setting could not have been more “uncool.” I hope you’re well energized by them and your students.


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