Three water glasses

Geometry, Hockney, Reflections, water, Water Glasses

Who would have know how difficult mapping reflections could be. Okay – everyone. This was a fun project, if only to practice what I see and how best to portray the line and shape. David Hockney would be a perfect resource and will take a look at some of his California works.

Once one focuses eyes on the patterns, they become more real and geometric. The challenge is in the execution and am not sure I have those skill-sets yet.

On another note, I am having terrible problems photographing my illustrations. My iPhone seems to be colorizing and turning the paper into a sepia tint. If I place the image into photoshop, each filter I try, is met with resistance.

An outdoor shot with natural light would be ideal, but it’s raining.

22 thoughts on “Three water glasses

      1. Well, one has to know the basics and build on that. But a lot of it is using the right tools in the right order – so the more you use it the more you learn.


      1. Wanted to burst into song – ‘let it be, let it be…’ then. I’ve had a very annoying, day – make that weekend and have found myself humming it rather aggressively to stave off an explosion. Buy the camera? But would you use it?


      2. You are so wise! No ma’am, I would put it on the shelf. I am a very tactile person and love getting my hands dirty with art. Photography is intellectually pleasing, but not dirty enough.

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      3. Me too. I follow photography blogs and enjoy them, it’s just not for me. It was odd today, I went for a walk on the prom beside the sea and was following a similar meandering path to a photographer and we kept stopping to look at similar things. I wanted to start a conversation but didn’t think my ‘small brown sketchbook’ had enough heft to contend with his whatsidooflick mega equipment.


  1. Sorry to hear about your iphone woes, but I don’t mind the tint here, if that helps! ­čśë And the blue wash – just perfect! This drawing seems to be less complex than most of your drawings, to me, which is odd, considering what you’re saying about the (understandable) complexity of glass/water reflections. You successfully translated it!
    Love your final comment above, Barry!


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