Same street, different poles

Art, artist, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, Intersection, South clifton and frankfort avenues, Street Scene


Another illustration in a developing series of street scenes. 2 weeks ago, it was just Frankfort Avenue. Today, both Clifton Avenue and an intersection with Frankfort.

Of course, the location is of no interest to anyone but me. However, it could be your neighborhood, city or village.


19 thoughts on “Same street, different poles

      1. I often think my photos look better than the actual piece which leads to disquieting thoughts about what the actual piece is – the paper that noone sees or the digital photo that lands on tbe blog?


  1. I can’t see the original so I don’t know how the shading looks in it, but I am fine with the way it looks here. I suppose of you did a tiny bit of fiddling – increase the highlights and contrast, clarity maybe, then maybe it would be cleaner (if that’s what you meant above). I love the tree (of course!) and the way its branches intermingle with the wires.


    1. There is more feathering/blending that my iPhone won’t capture. I don’t have a camera and using a scanner is too stark. I was a graphic designer for 30 years, so I am comfortable using photoshop, but you can’t “make better” what’s not there.


  2. I love pictures/captures of trees. But mostly when their roots pop up in the sidewalk, or they cause major destruction.

    I’m from PNW – I’ve never tried photography. Rogue trees will be my focus, with a Twin Peaks feeling.


    1. 1. Northwest is the greatest nap environment I have ever experienced. I would back just to take one.
      2. Yes, major issues. There are many here that have suddenly fallen, because of the ground to concrete to shallow planting.

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      1. You brought up an interesting point about series. How do you keep the freshness alive? How do you know when to push through the rut or call it quits? Questions which I’m sure most creatives grapple with…


      2. Certainly it is different for everyone. A “series” is either a planned beginning and end, or for me; a feeling. I was mentioning to a friend yesterday, that “I feel” as if I need to move on to a more intellectual path. She asked me what I meant. My reply; “after drawing things or venues for awhile, I was wondering if putting illustration to story, would be a great new place to start”. For me, a series is a line of thought, until interrupted by the new. I don’t hold any direction too sacred.

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      3. Well put: “a series is a line of thought, until interrupted by the new.” I will definitely keep this in mind when I find myself in a rut. Thank you!


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